Meticulous expertise begins with salting, which is done strictly by hand, and continues right up to the final quality control, verifying every stage and putting the seal of approval on every individual item. Our strength lies in the combination of traditional expertise and the most advanced food production technologies. It is the fusion of these two elements which breathes life into our product: mild to the taste, cured just the right amount, iridescent red colour and the guarantee of quality assured by the most rigorous food safety standards. Our annual output of almost 2 million hams is split between Parma Ham, Cured Italian Ham and Cured Ham.

Industria Salumi Simonini Spa
Via per Modena, 176 - 41014 Castelvetro (MO) - Italy
Tel. +39 059 702553 | Email info@isas.it
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All the flavour of traditional Italian cured meats